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Introduction to Computer and Programming

Computer: Computer is a Programmable electronic machine.

Hardware: Set of all devices.

Software: Set of all Instructions.
Programming: Developing program for solving programming problems.

Programming Language: A tool for developing program.
(1) Low Level: Machine, Assembly
(2) High Level: C, C++, Java, Visual Basic etc.

Algorithm: Step-by-step solutions for programming problems.
(1) Flowchart (Diagrams)
(2) Pseudo code (Plain English)

Flowchart: Diagrammatic representations of program. Graphical representation of program. Pictorial representation of program. Model of program.

Symbols Shapes, Diagrams, Pictures used in Flowcharts

(1). Draw a flowchart to find sum of two numbers.

flowchart to add two numbers

(2). Draw a flowchart to find average of three numbers.

flowchart to find average

(3). Draw a flowchart to find simple interest.

flowchart to calculate simple interest